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Series 1: The Light of the Eternal People   $75.00

Get all of our Jewish Thought Series I lectures on either CD-ROM (MP3 format) or cassette tape! The CD-ROM set also includes a separate CD with all lecture notes in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You may also purchase either set with printed lecture notes. Sixteen lectures in all - approximately 24 hours of enlightening material!

  • The Missing Talmud: Literally hundreds of sections of the Talmud have been removed or altered due to Church censorship. What didn't they want us to learn? What does the Talmud say about the founder of Christianity?
  • The Missing Vessels. Where Are They Today?: The location and history of the Tabernacle, Ark of the Covenant, and the vessels of the Temple.
  • Prophecies Fulfilled: A study of how the prophecies of the Bible have been fulfilled with amazing accuracy. Includes: The Holocaust, The Rebuilding of Israel, The Six Day War, and much more.
  • Life After Death: A compelling case for the ancient belief in an afterlife, drawing upon traditional Jewish sources, plus the newest research in near death experiences and reincarnation memories.
  • The World of the Supernatural: Do demons, apparitions, spirits and ghosts really exist? Using Talmudic and modern sources, Rabbi Irons presents an eye opening treatment of this fascinating subject.
  • The Second Commonwealth: A revealing study of the events leading up to the destruction of the Second Temple.
  • A Light Unto the Nations: What is the nature of Jewry's mission to humanity? How does our belief in monotheism radically differ from that of other religions?
  • Business Ethics in A Gentile Society: The laws of business and social ethics that govern Jewish-Gentile relations.
  • Living in a Christian World: Is Christianity Avodah Zoroh? Are you permitted to enter a church or mosque? Can you daven or learn in a room that has a cross? Are you allowed to convert a church into a shul?
  • Social Relations in a Gentile World: Under what circumstances can you be alone with a male or female colleague? What is your Gentile maid allowed to cook for you? Can you eat kosher food with your client in a non-kosher restaurant?
  • The Shabbos Goy: What are the exact guidelines for having a non-Jew do work for you on Shabbos? When are you allowed to ask a non-Jew to do a forbidden activity on your behalf?
  • Is Abortion Murder? Using original Talmudic sources, this lecture explores the basic issues of the sanctity of life from a Jewish Legal perspective. The whole system of universal Noachide law is also clarified.
  • The Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources: Can we refuse treatment because of cost? How do we determine priority in treatment?
  • The Essence of Teshuva: A step-by-step approach to Repentance
  • Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? The Torah's view
  • Moshiach and the Messianic Age

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